At New Horizons we run a variety of regular creative and social groups. We believe encouraging creativity can help people develop new skills and build confidence. Service users have found our Art & Craft and Creative Writing groups have helped them to express their thoughts and emotions in ways they had not been able to previously. Our groups provide community and a safe space, where people feel able to relax, to be themselves and to express themselves.

We ask that new members of New Horizons enrol on or attend a Recovery College course before attending our social and creative groups. The exception to this is the peer support groups, which are open to all.

The days, times and locations for our groups can be found on our calendar:

We currently provide:


Art & Craft

New Horizons runs three Art & Craft groups, two in Porth and one in Aberdare. A local art tutor helps to facilitate these groups. The group is open to all levels of experience and ability, all you need is a willingness to have a go, learn some new skills and techniques and enjoy yourself along the way.

What do group members say?

‘Engaging with Art is really beneficial to me, I find it inspiring and calming.’


‘I like the company. I enjoy the art.’




The New Horizons choir is a small, friendly singing group that meets on Monday afternoons in Aberdare. The group is open to all abilities and there are no auditions. Just turn up and sing your heart out!



Creative Writing

The New Horizons Creative Writing group meets in Aberdare on Monday afternoons. The group is facilitated by a tutor from Garth Olwg Lifelong Learning Centre. Each week the group looks at a different writing style or topic and then goes away to try it out themselves. Some the work done by the group can be found here:

What do group members say?

‘It gets me out of the house, meeting different people. It is helpful to me by putting pen to paper.’



Peer Support

New Horizons Peer Support groups are relaxed, open times, where people can come in, have a chat and a cup of tea, play games and build relationships. It is a safe space where people can talk through issues or difficulties with people who have had similar experiences

What do group members say?

‘It is a brilliant way to welcome the weekend with making friends and we have a brilliant time.’


‘The Centre offers help/support which is not judgemental, with an area to relax and chat to like-minded people.’



Walking Group

The New Horizons Walking Group meets Thursday afternoons at Clydach Lakes, Clydach Vale in the Rhondda. They are a small friendly group who enjoy a short walk around the bottom lake (2 laps). Come and join the group for a little exercise in the fresh air, come rain or shine. The group is led by a staff and volunteer member.

What do group members say?

‘It gets me out of the house and lets me get some fresh air and keep my fitness up without pressure’