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The recent news of the passing from this life of Melissa Morgan saddened and shocked many people who knew and had received support from this lovely lady Melissa was employed by New Horizons for seven years and during that time brought love and laughter to me and others with her openness and down to earth attitude.

Melissa loved her close family members and having worked alongside her and her family often myself reduced to tears from laughter- Often reportedly together, Laughter is said to be the best Medicine. Even though we were always aware of others around us who might need a listening ear.

Pictured here with Melissa and myself is Mandy, we worked together appreciating each other’s strengths and weaknesses, We fitted together like a hand in a glove.

My personal sadness of Melissa and Mandy’s passing from this earth is for the many people in the Cynon Valley who will not experience the early days of Care in the Community of the opening of a structure which was needed for the lovely and troubled people with unrecognised and undiagnosed mental health issues.

Although I appreciate the amazing move forward with technology for this present time, the personal touch is sadly lost from an Open Door.

Delia Powell – Patron and Co-Founder

Melissa’s daughter Yasmine helped often also, learning from her mother to appreciate and accept the differences of opinion which often come to the surface with so many troubled souls.

No pretence with Melissa what you see is what you get, this is how we all felt, Melissa was an asset for the needs of people at this time in the early days of New Horizons.