Recovery College Spring 2022 Timetable

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Spring 2022 – Course Content


Anger Management and Emotional Wellbeing – Know how own emotions relate to behaviour. Know that anger can be used in a positive manner and used in a negative manner. Know external and internal changes that happen to our bodies when we become angry. Be able to use an anger management technique. Know how to respond to situations using passive, aggressive or assertive behaviour. Know the possible consequences of aggressive, passive and assertive behaviour.


Assertiveness Skills – Understand assertiveness. Understand the benefits of assertive behaviour. Be able to use assertiveness techniques.


Counselling Skills – Know different helping strategies. Know the responsibilities, skills and attitudes of counsellors. Be able to use questioning and listening skills. Understand the use of counselling in different settings. (please note this is NOT counselling, it is learning counselling skills).


Developing Personal Confidence and Self-Awareness – Understand reasons for feeling confident and lacking confidence. Understand effective participation in social situations. Understand ways to manage stress. Be able to set goals for own development.


Managing Anxiety – Know the terms ‘anxiety’ and ‘panic attack’. Know causes of anxiety. Know symptoms of anxiety. Know how anxiety can affect the individual and the individual’s friends and family. Know how different ways of thinking and behaving can affect anxiety. Know how anxiety can be managed.


Mental Health and Wellbeing – Understand the concept of mental health and wellbeing. Understand how different factors affect mental health and wellbeing. Understand how stereotyping impacts on mental health and wellbeing. Understand where to get support and help.


Resilience Skills – Understand resilience and its impact. Understand how to develop an individual’s resilience. Be able to develop resilience skills.